Superstorm Sandy has had devastating impact throughout the tristate region. Fire Island has had disastrous damage that will take years to repair  and there are parts that may never be restored.

This is the status and conditions that are currently known about the conditions at Robert Moses and at Lighthouse Beach at Fire Island National Seashore:

  1. 1.   There will be no access to Robert Moses or Lighthouse Beach or the lighthouse itself UNTIL the state repairs the traffic circle by the Robert Moses water tower. The earliest estimate for that is Memorial Day.

  1. 2.   Both the walkways from Lot 5 to Burma Road and the walkway crossovers and the stairs were completely destroyed and washed away. There will be no boardwalk for two years at least due to budget limitations and priorities.

  1. 3.   At this time FINS is concentrating on highest priority essential repairs such as helipad and dock for their boats. Funds are extremely limited.

  1. 4.    The contour of the beach is currently unsafe with drop offs to allow anyone on the beach.

  1. 5.   The dunes were effectively completely destroyed by Sandy.

  1. 6.   At every high tide Burma Road now floods, as it is only about 18” above the high tide mark and it is no longer protected by any dunes. This extremely limits the safe access to Lighthouse Beach and the Fire Island Lighthouse itself at this time.

  1. 7.   The destroyed and flattened dunes now allow full visual observation of Lighthouse Beach’s ocean front from both the parkway and from all of Burma Road. Under the current circumstances, the nude of Lighthouse Beach, as had been customary and traditional for so many years, is in jeopardy. But the situation is still very fluid and things change frequently.

  1. 8.   Overall, both access and use of Lighthouse Beach will be very limited and difficult this summer, if it is possible at all. Time will tell. Access to other sections of FINS is also in doubt until further developments. The towns will remain accessible via the ferry services.

  1. 9.   Beginning in February, FINS will be organizing and posting for volunteer help to work on clean up and repairs of Fire Island National Seashore. We will keep people informed of what help is being requested and when.

  1. 10.   Based on the current physical condition of both Robert State Park and Lighthouse Beach, there is no great expectation that Lighthouse Beach will be available to anyone this summer. You may wish to look into alternate locations for this summer.

  1. 11.   We will continue to monitor the situation and report all the credible information that we obtain about the status and condition of Lighthouse Beach.

You can check the special FINS web page for periodic update at:




A  update of physical beach conditions at Lighthouse Beach as of February 3, 2013 has been prepared by .  You can access both the text and the photo of the devastation.

Thanks to Luciano  Alves of and to the Park Rangers who provided access to the beach.

Update on Hurricane Sandy damage to Lighthouse Beach

NEW UPDATE AS OF March  2013

The Long Island Travasuns are working with other beach user groups and with NAC the Naturist Action Committee, along with TNS The Naturist Society and AANR the American Association for Nude Recreation to the shocking and arbitrary announcement that FINS is attempting to close Lighthouse Beach and other areas of Fire Island to nude use, under the cover of the devastation suffered by the island from Hurricane Sandy. Further info shortly.

You can support the efforts to keep the beaches clothing optional by contributing directly to NAC the Naturist Action Committee:

Naturist Action Committee

You can also show support by attending the fundraiser organized by Vita Nuda Northeast on Thursday March 21, 2013.

Vida Nuda’s Event Page on FACEBOOK: