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The LI Travasuns Sunset Cruise Boat Trip has become an annual tradition that both club members and other beach goers look forward to each year.

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Annual Clothing Optional Sunset Cruise presented by the Long Island Travasuns

Sunset Cruise

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Well it turned out to be a nice cruise after all, though I have to confess that initially, I had misgivings.  Most of the people aboard were friendly and inclusive and the cliques were minimal. B

“We had a wonderful time on our 1st time on the cruise. Thanx to everyone in getting the cruise launched especially Dan& Sergio” - Irving & Arlene

“So did we -- and we got back home safely and without traffic. A great evening, thanks, hope we can do it again. - Joan/ Greg

‘I think it was a nice trip too.  Thanks to Terry for asking me to dance with her and to Gigi too. - David

“A few days have passed since the boat cruise and I would like to comment on the cruise. When I stepped on to the Lauren Kristy on August 21, 2010 at 6:10 PM, I said to myself that "I was never going to do this again".  Four hours later, as I was leaving the boat,  I was saying "I cannot wait until  next year". - Dan

“I think that the Sunset Cruise was a success. I didn't hear any negative comments and I did enjoy myself. THe food and the presentation was fine. It was a nice touch to have unlimited beer and wine included in the price. You didn't need to deal with where to keep your money for a cash bar when nuding.

The Paddle Wheeler had lots of room and could accommodate more passengers. If it had been bad weather, it would have been more comfy then the prior boat. The atmosphere onboard the boat was friendly. I would consider going on next years Sunset Cruise and would recommend it to friends.” - Rick

“The Sunset Cruise met my expectations and more! The food was great. Having unlimited beer and wine included in the price was a wonderful idea!! The crew was awesome!! I did not stop dancing. It was very cool to do the Conga Line all around the boat in the nude. The Limbo Contest was awesome in the nude. The atmosphere was very open and friendly and the people onboard were fun and interesting. The optional name tags were a perfect idea to know people!! I recommended next years cruise to friends. I had a great time.” - Gil

“We enjoyed the Sunset Cruise. The dinner was great. The boat crew and caterers staff were excellent. We thought the DJ’s music choices were fine; good dance music, good mix of fast and slow. Yes we danced, we love to dance when nude. We enjoyed watching the Limbo Contest, we can't bend that way. The other people onboard were the typical friendly nudists, not to make that seem unimportant; that is the best thing we like about social nudity; we always meet such nice people. You should consider adding Karaoke to the next cruise. We are going to recommend the cruise to friends next year.” - Dan & Tracey

“I attend this cruise last year, it really was a lot of fun (I didn't even get seasick).  Food was very good plus the music made for a very enjoyable evening.  If you did not go last year, make it a point of going this year .. try it, you'll like it.” - Bill L.


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While this event is clothing optional, please note that the majority of club members and guests in attendance will take this event as an opportunity to enjoy socializing in the nude.

See you onboard!     The Long Island Travasuns

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