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Naturist Rules of Conduct - Don’t be a Pig!

  1. -translated from Czech

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Found on Pravidla naturistického chování

Czech Naturist Facebook page: Naturista

Vex other naturists intrusive, stare, or releasing of cameras and cameras at events and locations. 

If, exceptionally, a reasonable case is to shoot outside, where a dedicated space and time, at least the photographer motioned require the consent of all present, while the opposition must immediately inform the photographer and must be respected. 

The official photographer is identified.

Among naturists do not wear clothes or bathing suit (if they do not require special circumstances), but appropriate use towels or sheets, in particular session (compulsory in the sauna). We maintain hygiene in premises covered by a shower and entering the sauna

In any case, not distribute any kind of sex, events and locations are publicly accessible ( including children ). What in this respect will not allow the square, you will not allow even among naturists,

Any ambiguity, solve problems and exceptions directly on the site by agreement of all present, in cooperation with the organizers and staff ( if any ).

We act with helpful and friendly, just as we behave in a swimsuit ( if it is helpful and friendly ), does not bother anyone and does not limit, we maintain peace and tranquility.

We note that others may be more sensitive than ours.

Respect the separation of showers, toilets and similar spaces for men and women.

To grossly inappropriate behavior may be a party to the action or banned sited.

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As you see computer translation still leaves a bit to be desired! LOL