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Long Island Travasuns Membership

Memberships are not available online.

Before you are admitted to membership we need to know who you are. So come out to the beach and meet us or attend one of our winter swims. Once we get to know you, you than can join the Long Island Travasuns. At that time we will give you a Membership Application Form and then, Please print, fill out and mail the form to the address indicated with a check or money order for the appropriate amount made payable to Long Island Travasuns, Inc. You must provide a valid photo ID to join the Travasuns. No aliases are permitted.

Join now and your Travasuns Membership is good until December 31, 2011!

We require that you provide a working e-mail address so you can receive notifications from us.  You can also join our Yahoo group to keep informed of events. If e-mail privacy is an issue, we suggest that you open up a free e-mail account for your own private use, such as:

hotmail ( or

yahoo mail ( or

Gmail by Google (Google Accounts)

Membership is open to those 18 years of age and older.


Single Membership: $30. / year

Family Membership: $40. / year

Young Adult Membership 18 to 25 yrs old w ID: $20. / year


You can enhance and extend your membership by also joining either or both TNS The Naturist Society  or AANR American Association For Nude Recreation through The Long Island Travasuns.

AANR and TNS memberships are optional and will not affect your status as a Travasuns member.  They are nationwide naturist organizations that many of our members enjoy the benefits of.  If you are unsure whether you want memberships in these clubs, please check their websites at and We strongly suggest that you consider joining one or both of these fine naturist organizations through the Long Island Travasuns.


Single Membership: $40. / year

Family Membership: $72.50 / year


Single / Family Membership: $55. / 1 year, or $100. / 2 years

Senior / College Membership: $45. / 1 year, or $80. / 2 years

Ask for further details about TNS and / or AANR membership when you attend one of our events, or email us at:

If you are already a Travasuns Member, you can RENEW your Membership online on the Membership RENEWAL page which is here:  Renewal

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membership benefits

Membership details

By joining and becoming a member of the Long Island Travasuns you are opens you and your family to a wide world of both local, national and international naturist and social nudist events and activities.

Members receive discounted admission to our events and other benefits including our newsletter and preferred rates to join the two national organizations that we are affiliated with.

American Association for Nude Recreation

The Naturist Society