Naked Yoga Class




Please note that the Naked Yoga class costs an additional $12 above your admission price to the Travasuns Pool Party. You can pay the $15 charge for the class when you sign in at the door.

This $12 additional charge is still a great value as the Naked Yoga class in Manhattan costs $30.

The class is appropriate for all levels of yoga. The class is adjusted so that all can participate and learn.

Step onto a Yoga mat and let the medicinal qualities of Yoga begin. It is a time to step into yourself, digest your daily happenings and quit numbing out your life. Keep your busy days but add ease and remove the chaos.

Naked Yoga gives us permission to be exactly who we are without covering up our imperfections and not be pressured by a societal idea of what perfect is.

Its benefits include acceptance,a unique quality of confidence,deeper trust of intuition and a daily celebration of YOU.

We live in a culture that suggests that the naked body should be covered up and only be seen as a sexual thing.

We have learned something totally untrue. Our bodies are what we live in, they are our vehicles through this lifetime.  We need to honor, celebrate and keep it healthy ad strong.  

Naked Yoga classes and privates provide a platform to heal our  beliefs, create a confidence in the individual and to let fall away our societal ideas of what naked bodies are and how we can view them.  We are all beautiful naked and should be celebrated on a daily basis.

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