Travasuns Pool Party Welcome & Etiquette




Newcomers to nude recreation often feel awkward and lost.

If you are a member of the Long Island Travasuns and want to forward the cause of nude recreation by showing newcomers around our clothing optional pool parties, please contact a club officer.

If you are new to nude recreation, or to our pool parties, don't be afraid to ask one of the officers for help learning about the facility and introducing you around. We try to provide a tour of the facilities and answer questions for all of our guests, especially first time guests.

The Long Island Travasuns seeks to provide a setting for people to safely enjoy family-friendly nude recreation, if anyone's actions make you feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or unsafe, please notify a club officer RIGHT AWAY. We do not want anyone to be disappointed or to come with expectations which will not be fulfilled. The Long Island Travasuns is a family friendly nude recreation group, and has been since 1976.

The Long Island Travasuns are not responsible for the conduct of any of our guests even though we take what we consider to be reasonable measures to prevent undesirable people from attending our events.



> Use only the areas of the club or venue designated for guests.

> ALWAYS TAKE A SHOWER BEFORE USING ANY OF THE FACILITIES listed below to maintain clean, healthful conditions.

> Observe venue rules regarding pool, hot tub, sauna, or steam room use. If you are unsure, please ask a club worker or Travasuns officer.

> Always sit on your own towel. Naturist usage is ALWAYS to have a towel to sit on for sanitary reasons. Towels are available at the front desk if needed.

> The entire venue is a NO SMOKING area.

> Do not bring any alcoholic beverage into the venue. The venue sells beer and wine for on-premises consumption to guests 21 and older. You are expected to behave responsibly at all times and never drink excessively.

> Illegal drug use is not permitted.

> No photography of any kind is permitted.

> Be friendly, but don’t intrude on others. Unwanted attention, harassment or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. If someone’s behavior is making you uncomfortable, do not become involved in a dispute. Instead, notify a Travasuns officer immediately.

> Clothing optional means exactly that: full nudity is never required, but it can be more comfortable in appropriate settings: the pool, sauna, steam room, etc.

> No overt sexual activity! Nude is not lewd. Public sexual displays will not be tolerated. They degrade our image and will offend others. If you become aware of such activity, notify a Travasuns officer.

>If someone seems unaware of naturist etiquette, do not confront the individual. Please ask a Travasuns officer to remind that person of proper conduct.

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Details about the Travasuns’ Nude Pool Party

Pool Party is held once a month at World Gym in Wantagh LI. See bottom of this page for directions. Pre-purchase your tickets on the previous page.