August 1 2013

Message to members of the Lighthouse Beach Community from Bob Morton, Executive Director of the Naturist Action Committee, on the current efforts in our fight to restore the clothing optional status of Lighthouse Beach:

  1. 1)The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) is redoubling its own effort in the Fire Island matter and encourages concerned naturists to do the same. Specifically, we have asked for those who have already sent the requested letters and emails to do so again. NAC has distributed a NAC Action Alert and a NAC Update that detail the steps that must be taken by those who are really interested in helping. For your convenience, I’m including links here.

NAC Action Alert April 12, 2013 www.naturistaction.org/file

NAC Update June 12, 2013        www.naturistaction.org/file2

  1. 2)The effort to apply pressure politically and administratively necessarily requires grass roots participation, and that’s why it remains important to keep sending letters. However, you should know that NAC is also applying pressure at the other end of the system, through the use of professionals whom we’ve hired in Washington, D.C. This is an absolutely essential part of the overall strategy, but it’s expensive. NAC relies entirely on the voluntary donations of concerned naturists to allow its implementation. We gratefully acknowledge those individuals and groups who have donated, but funding for this important effort is not keeping up with expenses. Please donate to NAC.


  1. 3)NAC is asking users of the traditionally clothing-optional beach to continue going to Lighthouse Beach, wearing a g-string and nothing else, because that’s “New York legal.” Topfree is legal for both men and women. Set up at Cut 2, in front of the lighthouse. Go into the lighthouse to sign the guest book and use the restroom. Don’t cover up - just wear your butt floss. This is intended to make a point, but we can’t make a point about our beach if we have fled to some other beach. For that reason, NAC is not recommending alternative locations at this time.

We’re fighting because we believe it’s worth it! We need the support and participation of everyone who believes this is important!

Bob Morton

Executive Director

Naturist Action Committee

www.naturistaction.org                                                     1 August 2013