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Put yourself in the picture.

The Long Island Travasuns is an all volunteer member driven organization. We are a non-profit social club that counts on its volunteer members for everything.

Please consider volunteering some of your time , energy and expertise to help move the club along into the future. The Travasuns have been going continuously since 1973. That’s 37 years of service to the members of our club. It can only continue with the committed influx of new members willing to step up and help.

Without the involvement, energy and enthusiasm of our volunteers the Travasuns would not exist. Invest in the future of the Long Island Travasuns. Volunteer today.

Whatever your special skills are, the Travasuns can use you. No special skills, no problem. There’s always something useful that you will be able to help us with.

Strengthen the club and also have some fun too. Volunteer for the Travasuns today. We need people to help with events, beach parties, cooking, carrying supplies, distributing flyers, writing articles for the newsletter, updating our Internet presence.

Contact the Long Island Travasuns

Office of Voluntary Commitment: volunteer@travasuns.org

Why you might even get a shinny award! LOL

If you do not have any free time to commit to helping the Travasuns, you could also help us out by making a voluntary

Contribution of any amount.

We thank you for your consideration to volunteer to keep your club going strong and growing!

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