Lighthouse Beach, Fire Island

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View of Lighthouse Beach looking East from first crossover

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Lighthouse Beach, Fire Island was clothing optional for the summer of 2012 !

Lighthouse Beach, Fire Island is being used as a clothing optional beach for the summer of 2012. But this does not mean we can take it for granted at all. While it has been tolerated as a clothing optional beach in the designated areas for many years, it is not a legally designated nude beach.

As in previous years, this applies to Lighthouse Beach West which is at the first crossover from Robert Moses Field 5; and at the third crossover known as Kismet West (A.K.A. Lighthouse Beach East).

The center section of Lighthouse Beach, at the second crossover, in front of the Fire Island Lighthouse, continues, as in the past, to require clothing. Topfree is permitted by New York State rulings and is seen there more often than before.

We can also confirm that new signage has been installed on the beach at the boundary between Robert Moses State Park and the Fire Island National Seashore. The signage, as you enter the FINS area states: “You are now entering a CLOTHING OPTIONAL FACILITY. You may encounter Nude sunbathers.”

And on the reverse side of the sign, what you see as you are about to re-enter the Robert Moses State Park area, is a sign that reads: “You are now entering A FACILITY WHICH DOES NOT PERMIT NUDE SUNBATHING. Please wear proper attire.”

The new signs confirm that the clothing optional section of Lighthouse Beach West is now 150 foot larger than the original agreed to boundaries. The previous buffer strip has been eliminated, and the clothing-optional section now officially begins at the boundary line between Robert Moses State Park and Fire Island National Seashore. Thank you FINS !

Photo’s of the new signs can be seen at: New Posted Signs

The FINS budget has been substantially cut this and last year. Therefore, there is no current plan to construct a new access ramp to the beach at the first crossover. Please help your fellow beachgoers carry their beach carts up and down the steps so that everyone can safely negotiate the steps. If you do not want to use the stairs, you may walk along the beach from the east end of the Robert Moses Field 5 parking lot.

Although the beach is clothing optional again this year, continued clothing-optional use is totally dependent on all the beach users following the APPROPRIATE ETIQUETTE on the beach!

Permitted nude use can be discontinued at any time by the FINS officials if there are public sexual acts, use of illegal drugs or excessive use of alcohol.


As one FINS Official put it the only ones we have to save Lighthouse Beach from are beach users who misuse this public facility!

Let’s show the general public and the FINS Officials that Nude is not Lewd.

Just because you are nude does not mean anything goes!

In June 2011, one beach regular found out the hard way that the FINS Official are serious about having people follow the posted rules. After two previous warnings, this individual was arrested for lewd public sexual activity and banned from the beach pending the outcome of his arrest, ticketing and court appearance at the end of the summer.  Thank you to FINS Law Enforcement and the undercover police on the beach. Job well done!

To clarify, the arrest was NOT related to nudity on the beach.

Note that occasional hight tides and storm surges will narrow the space available for beach users at Lighthouse Beach. When this occurs, please share the limited beach space available on those days. You might even get to know your beach neighbors!

Parking at Robert Moses Field #5 may occasionally be constrained due to limited capacity on the state beach at Field #5 due to erosion of the beach. Especially on weekends, please try to arrive early to assure you can park at Field #5.

We will continue to update this page to keep you informed about the most up-to-date status of Lighthouse Beach. Check back here often.

We believe in direct and honest reporting of information to beach users and open communications with the FINS Rangers.

With common sense and cooperation, we, as Naturists, can act as responsible stewards of Lighthouse Beach.

Inform others about appropriate behavior and etiquette for Lighthouse Beach.

If you see something, say something.

If you know people who enjoy the nude use of Lighthouse Beach, SEND THEM A LINK TO THIS PAGE!

If you have comments or questions about Lighthouse Beach, or if you have any information that impacts the status of the beach, please E-mail the Travasuns or call or text us at: 516-752-0770, so we can share that information with all beach users.