Clothing-Optional Beach Etiquette Lighthouse Beach, Fire Island



We are here as guests of the National Park Service. They have the authority to allow or deny the clothing-optional use of this beach.  We need to be responsible partners with NPS in the stewardship of Lighthouse Beach.

Obey all laws, rules and regulations. We are on federal property and fines can be steep. Let’s not give NPS any reason to close us down.

Respect wildlife and environmentally fragile areas. Stay off dunes and away from piping plover nesting areas. For environmental reasons kites, pets and metal detectors are not permitted.

Keep access clear for emergency vehicles. Do not lie, sit or place umbrellas or windscreens within vehicle tracks on the sand. You could help save a life.

Respect yourself and others. Nude is not lewd! Nudity is an established, historical use at this beach. However, inappropriate sexual activity of any kind is not legal, will result in arrest, and could cause closure of the beach to nude use.

Drink responsibly. Excessive drinking will result in arrest.

There is zero tolerance for illegal drugs!!! Any use of Illegal drugs will result in arrest and removal from the beach. THE NPS POLICE ARE WATCHING.

Carry in, carry out. Take your trash off the beach with you. NPS does not provide trash containers on the beach. Trash bins are located in the Field 5 parking lot.  Keep the beach and boardwalks cleaner than you found them.

Respect the privacy of others. It is rude to stare. If someone is not interested in your company, LEAVE HER OR HIM ALONE.

Get permission to photograph or video. Common courtesy should prevail when taking photos or video. It is advisable to obtain permission before anyone appears in your photos or video.  Consent for minors is required from parents or legal guardians.

Glass containers and charcoal grills are not allowed on the beach. Broken glass on the beach is a hazard. Hot charcoals on the beach are also dangerous.

Smoking around other people can bother them, so be considerate. Also, pick up your cigarette butts, matches and packaging and dispose of them with your trash.

Play music at a polite volume or use headphones. Not everyone wants to hear music at the beach.

Dress before leaving. There are signs clearly marking the boundaries of the clothing-optional areas. Beyond these signs, and on the access walkways, you must be dressed. Nudity is permitted only in designated areas on the beach.

If you see something, say something. If a person is unaware of the beach etiquette, politely explain what is expected. If he or she doesn't respond, it is appropriate to notify someone who may help to get the message across. It is inappropriate and illegal to take or threaten any physical action against anyone.

In case of an emergency, call 911. Tell the emergency operator that you are located on the oceanfront beach, west or east of the Fire Island Lighthouse at Fire Island National Seashore. The emergency operator will contact the appropriate services, including Park Rangers. DO NOT TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS.

Make a Difference. Be an active part of the Lighthouse Beach community.

Provided by, Friends of Lighthouse Beach &

                   PLEASE DO NOT LITTER                       13eTB July 3, 2010

Please note that Lighthouse Beach has three different sections.

Lighthouse Beach West - which is at the first crossover from RM Field 5

Lighthouse Beach - which is directly in front of the Lighthouse

Kismet West - which is at the third crossover from RM Field 5

Only Lighthouse Beach West and Kismet West are clothing optional!

Lighthouse Beach directly in front of the Fire Island Lighthouse is NOT clothing optional, but is top-free as per NY State rulings.


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Lighthouse Beach Etiquette

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Lighthouse Beach


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NOTE: This was Etiquette that was approved and used prior to Superstorm Sandy!