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Portions of Lighthouse Beach are traditionally clothing optional. You can only be nude on those parts of the beach itself that are labeled as clothing optional. Nudity is not permitted in any other area! Please respect the rights and sensibilities of the other visitors to Robert Moses State Park and Fire Island National Seashore.

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Park Features

    Robert Moses State Park OFFICIAL SITE

Robert Moses State Park is on the western end of Fire Island and is accessible by bridge via the Robert Moses Causeway from Long Islands Parkways and Expressways. Parking is available at Field Five, the eastern end of which is the closest to the traditionally clothing-optional Lighthouse Beach within the Fire Island National Seashore.

New York State Parks :: Robert Moses State Park - Long Island 


A parking fee is charged. See the Robert Moses State Park site for info.

If you plan to use the beach and other parks often during the year, then consider getting an Empire Passport which provides access to all of the New York State Parks.

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For a general map of Fire Island National Seashore see:

Map of Fire Island National Seashore

Please note that there is no lifeguard services provided at Lighthouse beach.

• All trash needs to be taken out by you. As with all National Park Service facilities, there are no trash cans provided at Lighthouse Beach. You will find trash cans in the parking lot of Robert Moses State Park.

                                                         Information from FINS about  Accessibility

        Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society


Over the years practical guidelines have evolved to prevent problems in clothing-optional settings. Please respect them, for your own sake and the sake of others.


  1. Obey parking regulations and other posted rules. They’re there for a reason

•  Bring a towel, blanket or some equivalent. It’s common practice when nude to place something between your bare buns and any public surface you sit or lie down on.

  1. Ask before taking pictures. You can’t legally be stopped from taking pictures in public places, but asking permission is common courtesy. Not everyone wants to be in some stranger’s photo album. And remember: parents should always  be asked before children are photographed.

• Respect people’s property. Don’t assume because you’re sharing a public beach you can “share” other people’s property.

• Respect people’s privacy. It’s not wrong to seek out new friends—but it is wrong to monopolize a person’s time when the welcome mat wasn’t out in the first place.

• Come prepared. Bring the right supplies, such as food, beverages, chairs, towels and sunscreen. Don’t expect others to share with you. Mooching is offensive.

• Speak up for standards. If a person seems unaware of proper etiquette, explain  what’s expected—politely of course. If he or she doesn’t respond to polite suggestion, it’s appropriate to notify the club manager or staff, a lifeguard, a beach user group volunteer, or someone else who can help get the message across.


• Engage in overt sexual activity or exhibitionism. Nude is not lewd!

• Stare at, harass, or otherwise intimidate other beach users. Be polite and courteous, just as you’re expected to be in a clothed social setting.

• Don’t trample on or through environmentally sensitive areas. If the sign says “Keep Out,” obey it.

• Litter. Bring a trash bag and pack out what you brought in. And maybe take some extra trash with you while you’re at it.

• Violate other people’s space with loud music. If you want to listen to the radio or your favorite CD, bring headphones.

Guidelines from The Naturist Society

Body acceptance is  the idea...Nude recreation is the way: Lee Baxandall

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Look for the Long Island Travasuns breeze flag when you visit

Lighthouse Beach at Fire Island National Seashore.

More detailed clothing optional beach etiquette specifically for

Lighthouse Beach is available on our Etiquette page:  Etiquette

View of first crossover some years ago with earlier ramp.

Published in N Magazine

A Report about Lighthouse Beach on NetNude

Click here for a MAP of pathways to the beach from Robert Moses Field 5

Click here for a MAP of the Clothing Optional Areas

Clothing-optional Beach Etiquette for Lighthouse Beach here: Etiquette

Updated beach status is available here:  Beach Status

GPS Co-ordinates:    40.632454, -73.218561



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View of Lighthouse Beach from the air.    From Flickr by Ron’s KAP

© Photo by Bruce Gray - Used by Permission

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