Lighthouse Beach was still clothing optional when summer 2012 wound down. Every indication is that Lighthouse Beach will again be clothing optional for the summer of 2013!  But we are not out of the woods and the NPS could still at the stroke of a pen shut down clothing optional use if public sexual activity and illegal drugs are seen as a continuing or increasing problem by the NPS.

The NPS acknowledges the historic use of Lighthouse Beach as a nude beach. Two sections are designated for clothing-optional use, at the first and third crossover in Fire Island National Seashore east of Robert Moses Parking Field Five. At the second crossover, which is the center section directly in front of the lighthouse, clothing is required, but top-free is permitted as per New York State rulings.

NPS have even added new signs this season to identify the boundaries of the two clothing optional sections. We really appreciate NPS's efforts with the signs. Thank you!

The Travasuns continue to encourage NPS to reinstall the sign at the first crossover to alert people that they are entering a clothing optional area and that they may encounter nude sunbathers. FINS new signage program that was anticipated to be in place for 2011 was deferred due to financial considerations in the federal budgit. No new date is yet in place.

NPS had indicated that they had hope to rebuild a new ramp at the first crossover for Summer 2011 to improve beach access. having only the stairs during the Summer of 2010 , 2011 and 2012 was certainly an inconvenience for many beach goers. But NPS said that there just wasn’t money in this years budget to rebuild the ramp that had been damaged before the summer by the storms. We will continue to follow up with NPS to see how the plans are going for the replacement of the ramp for the summer 2013 season.

While nudity is accepted, the beach is at risk due some inappropriate sexual activity at this public beach  and to some beach users use of illegal drugs. If you are arrested by NPS for drugs it is a federal offense. This is still a public beach, and nudity does not mean anything goes. NPS Police have indicated that there is zero tolerance for these illegal activities and that people will be arrested and removed from the beach! Again, this is NOT about the nudity on the beach.

Toward the end of summer 2010 the NPS Police made arrests for public sexual activity at Lighthouse Beach. The Long Island Travasuns are fully in support of the NPS Police in their actions of making arrests for public sexual activity, and other arrests for use of illegal drugs at the beach. We thank you!

We all need to self police the activities at this beach. This will ensure the continuation of its use as a nude beach. Let's not let a few people ruin it for the majority! We encourage everyone to follow the clothing-optional beach etiquette that is posted on this site.

Please help spread the word as to what is appropriate at Lighthouse Beach by telling all your friends about the beach etiquette and by sending them a LINK to Lighthouse Beach Etiquette

Teams of Travasuns are also continuing to distribute copies of this clothing optional beach etiquette at Lighthouse Beach to all the beach goers that we can speak to whenever possible. We also encourage people to keep copies of the beach etiquette with them. If they see something, they can say something, or you can give the etiquette to the person who does not appear to know what is the expected behavior at Lighthouse Beach.

The more we can raise awareness among all the people who enjoy Lighthouse Beach, Fire Island the greater the probability that the nude use will continue to be allowed into the future.

We will post updates to status as they occur.

The Travasuns have also initiated a new program starting in the summer of 2010. The Travasuns continually monitor the Internet for inappropriate postings concerning either sexual activity or drugs at Lighthouse Beach. We e-mail copies of the clothing optional beach etiquette to all such posters  to inform them that sexual activity or drugs are both inappropriate and illegal at Lighthouse Beach. This program will be continued.

This beach status report is current as of Sept 30, 2012..



STATUS UPDATE Sept 30, 2012

Times do change. Here is a publicity photo of Bob Hope in Atlantic City back in the 1930’s when men were still required to wear bathing suits with tops.

Yes the first battles for top-free rights were for men!


For information about the meeting on Sept 16, 2010 with New York State Park officials concerning parking and access roads for Robert Moses State Park continue to Beach Status 2, please click here: Beach Status 2


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