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Pool Party Admission With A Coupon:

Pool Party admission price is per person paid in advance,

either online or via mail.

NOTE: This page is only for use if you are redeeming a Long Island Travasuns’ “Thank You” Coupon for a Pool Party that you received from the Travasuns.

If you do not have a coupon to redeem, go to the Pool Party Ticket Page to purchase your admission ticket.

Below are the SPECIAL RATES that are valid only if you have received a Travasuns’ “Thank You” Coupon and are purchasing your admission online for the next Pool Party:

Please select the correct category:

Purchase a Pool Party admission for a couple with a “Thank You” coupon:

Purchase a Pool Party admission for a single with a “Thank You” coupon:

You can use any credit / debit card or a Pay Pal account.

Your purchase will be billed as: "Joe Beach"

Print out your Pay Pal receipt and bring it to the Pool Party for admission.

If you are also going to attend the Naked Yoga class, please note that you do need to purchase a separate ticket for the Yoga class at the door:

Note: There is a $10. per person surcharge at the door if you purchased a discount admission and do not provide your Pay Pal receipt AND your “Thank You” coupon upon entry to the Pool Party.

Please note: If you have WON a Free Pool Party Pass, you can just show up at the event to redeem it and take advantage of the free pass. You do not need to sign up ahead of time to attend.

Travasuns memberships are available at the front desk when you check in.

If you become a Travasuns member at the Pool Party,

you will be eligible for the Travasuns rate that evening and we will refund you the difference from what you have paid..

You can not buy a membership online.

See the Membership page for details.

We hope you'll join in the fun, as we celebrate our 36th year as Long Island's premier Naturist organization!

Would you please consider making an additional voluntary contribution to help support the Travasuns? See: Contribution

For Pool Party Details, including Etiquette and Directions see:  Pool Details

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